The Art Axis

Denmark’s largest exhibition space

The Art Axis is ARKEN’s nave and backbone. It is Denmark’s largest exhibition space: 150 metres long, and a width that varies from 10 metres to 0 at the ends. The Art Axis

The height of the ceiling spans from 12 metres in the middle to 3,5 metres at the ends. Moreover the Art Axis is a room with only two corners.


In additional to being an exhibition space, the Art Axis also functions as an enormous concourse which unobstructed leads down to the galleries and THE DETLEFS HALL.


If you view the room from the foyer you will be the victim of an optical illusion. Because of the variation in height, the room appears much longer than it really is. One’s sight is deliberately challenged and deceived.


The construction of the room is visible in the Art Axis. On the two raw concrete walls are traces from the shuttering boards that were used when the Art Axis was cast in situ. The floor appears in untreated concrete. Gradually, as it is worn, it patinates, and the concrete will shine like terrazzo.

DK-2635 Ishøj
Tel: (+45) 43 54 02 22
Skovvej 100
Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday: 10-17
Wednesday: 10-21
Monday: Closed
Admission fees
Adults: 50 kr.
Groups: 50 kr.
Pensioniers: 50 kr.
Students: 50 kr.
Children under 18: Free