The Red Axis

The rocking, rolling Red Axis


The Red Axis cuts into the Art Axis with its striking Venetian red colour. The Red AxisThe room primarily acts as a connection between the foyer and the Art Axis.


ARKEN is motivated by the lines of the surrounding landscape, and in the Red Axis the gradual transition between building and landscape is particularly evident: The Red Axis seems to continue into the landscape. If looking from the Red Axis down through the room, the line continues through the Art Axis and THE DETLEFS HALL and through a window with the vanishing point marked with a circle in the glass.


Everywhere in ARKEN are references to ship architecture, and in the Red Axis they are particularly obvious: The visible piping underneath the ceiling, the dark colour and the resounding acoustics are all reminiscent of an engine room below deck. The sloping floor and the inclining wall add to the feeling of being on board a ship – in a heavy sea. The floor is uneven with rough structures.


DK-2635 Ishøj
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Skovvej 100
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Wednesday: 10-21
Monday: Closed
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