2009: Second Extension

Better facilities for the visitors at ARKEN



In September 2009 ARKEN was extended with 1,100 m2. The entire extension was made possible by a generous donation of DKK 52 million by Annie and Otto Johs. Detlefs’ Foundations OJD.

 Annie and Otto Detlefs at the Opening

ARKEN’s original entrance had become too small and so ARKEN wanted a bigger and brighter entrance which would both minimise queuing and create a better flow for the visitors. At the same time, ARKEN SHOP was given a more prominent placement.


In connection with the extension, one of the uncovered atria was converted to a sculpture hall and named THE DETLEFS HALL after the donators of the extension. In addition to presenting sculptures and changing exhibitions, the room also functions as conference room and can be used for lectures, receptions and dinners.


Søren Robert Lund, the architect behind the original ARKEN, has designed the new entrance and THE DETLEFS HALL, whose materials and style have a softer and lighter expression than the original edifice.


The extension also improved the conditions for the museum’s children and young people. Anna Maria Indrio of C.F. Møller Architects is behind the new teaching and communication rooms, ARKEN CREATIVE, which have the same raw style as the original museum building.


Oversigtsplan 2009 UK

BEFORE 1996 »

From the distant past’s sea of ice to today’s museum of modern art


In 1996 ARKEN opened as an architectural landmark and an active centre for modern art


The 2008 extension gave ARKEN more room for the art


ARKEN’s development over the years has made its mark on the museum

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