ARKEN Bulletin 2009

ARKEN BULLETIN Damien hirst bulletin

Vol. 4, 2009


ARKEN bulletin vol. 4, 2009. Special issue on Damien Hirst
(ed. Christian Gether and Marie Laurberg)
120 pages, 199 DKK.
The periodical is in English.
The bulletin is sold in the ARKEN SHOP.

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CHRISTIAN GETHER, Director at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art
On Limits and Transgressions: What is ’Beyond Belief’? Experiencing Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God at White Cube Gallery, London, 1 June 2007
Discusses the religious metaphors in Hirst's work taking as a starting point the seminal work For the Love of God


Christian Gether, aff. professor, Roskilde University. In 2000 appointed chairman of the International Culture Counsil under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Author of The art museum - an institution under change (1995) and The sculptor Kai Nielsen, 1882-1924 (1986). Articles for anthologies, catalogues and journals.



MARIE LAURBERG, Curator, ARKEN Museum of Modern Art
Inside the System. Damien Hirst: Performing Post-Industrial Visuality
Investigates how Hirst explores the logics of our contemporary visuality by performatively engaging with them 


Marie Laurberg has curated exhibitions of contemporary art, and published articles on contemporary art and visual cultures in journals, anthologies and exhibition catalogues.  



THOMAS CROW, Professor, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
Village Green Preservation Society. Damien Hirst Seen from America
Places Hirst's work in the framework of a distinguished British vernacular culture


Thomas Crow is Rosalie Solow Professor of Modern Art at New York University. Former director of the Getty Research Institute. He has published widely on the role of art in modern and contemporary culture, important publications being: Painters and Public Life in Eighteenth Century Paris (1985) The Rise of the Sixties: American and European Art in the Era of Dissent (1996) and Robert Raushenberg (2006). Thomas Crow is contributing co-editor at Artforum.    



CHRISTOPH GRUNENBERG, Director of Tate Liverpool

Laughing in the Face of Death. Damien Hirst’s Self-Portrait With Dead Head
Discusses Hirst's staging of him self as an artist within the parameters of the vanitas tradition, and his obsession with the subject of death and its representation


Christoph Gruenberg previously worked at Tate in London, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Kunsthalle Basel and National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C. He has curated a number of important exhibitions, including Gothic: Transmutations of Horror in Late 20th Century Art (1997). In 2007 he chaired the Turner Prize Jury.  



BARRY SCHWABSKY, Author and art critic for Artforum
The Distance of the Image
Argues that Hirst's exhibition of fleshly animals bodies in glass cases marks a new expressionism which through a blend of presence and distance leads us to reflect upon "the vanitas of things" in a culture saturated with images


Barry Schwabsky is a Senior Critic in Sculptor at the Yale School of Art. He has taught at the School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute, New York University, and Goldsmiths College. He has contributed to books and catalogues on artist such as Henri Matisse, Alighiero Boetti, Jessica Stockholder and Gilian Wearing. He writes regulary for The Nation and for Artforum, where he is also a co-editor of international reviews.



PETRA LANGE-BERNDT, Lecturer at the Department of History of Art, University College of London 
Processing the Undead. Damien Hirst’s Natural History
Investigates how Hirst reinterpret the taxidermy technique of the natural sciences in order to thematize contemporary conceptualisations of the body


Petra Lange-Berndt's upcoming book has the title: Animal Art: Präparate Tiere in der Kunst, 1850-2000. She has also co-edited a book on Sigmar Polke.


ALEX COLES, Chair of Fine Art, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles
Damien Hirst’s Readymade Designs
Investigates the influence of design on Hirst's artistic practice


Alex Coles has been a lecturer at Goldsmiths College in the Department of Art History and Senior Lecturer at University College for the Creative Arts, Surrey. He is author of DesignArt (2005). 


REX BUTLER, Associate Professor in the School of English, Media Studies and Art History, University of Queensland, Brisbane
Damien Hirst’s Death Drive. Contemporary Art after Irony
Argues that Hirst represents a post-ironic current in contemporary art, which in contrast to the anti-representational art of the 1980s strives to abolish the distance between art and its subject matter


Rex Butler has written and edited a number of books on Australian art, and books on and by Jean Baudrillard and Slavoj Zizek. His forthcoming book is an edited collection of essays by and about the American Painter and art critic Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe.   




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