Collaboration agreement with RUC

The main points of the collaboration agreement

The agreement was entered into for a period of three years, starting 9 May 2007.

The collaboration is to strengthen ties between Roskilde University and ARKEN, and serve as a springboard for the development of teaching and research collaboration with other universities, as well as cultural and art institutions in Denmark and abroad.

At the heart of the collaboration are the two parties’ key functions: research, teaching, education, exhibition activities, communication, collection and preservation.
The members of the steering committee are:
From ARKEN: Director Christian Gether and chief curator Stine Høholt.

From Roskilde University: Professor Olav Harsløf and professor Søren Kjørup.

As part of the agreement, the university’s students may visit ARKEN to get an understanding of the operation, and ARKEN will take on students as interns.

Roskilde University will hold guest lectures at ARKEN, and the museum will be available for teaching and project counselling.

ARKEN offers a number of projects with the museum as its starting point, and Roskilde University may utilise ARKEN, its collection and exhibitions in connection with research and student projects.

The collaboration will comprise joint research projects in relevant areas. One large-scale joint research project is already underway: “The art museum of the future”, with the aim of developing a new concept for museum activities.

The scope of the collaboration is to be as extensive as possible. E.g. ARKEN and Roskilde University will utilise each other’s facilities and exchange publications and invitations for relevant events.

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Wednesday: 10-21
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