THUKRAL & TAGRA Page 16, “Yes, I went to school” , 2011

Thukral & Tagra
Page 16, ”Yes, I went to school”, 2011
95.5 x 66.5 cm
Prints 100
6,600 DKK framed (KLUB ARKEN price 5,500 DKK)

The lithographs by Thukral & Tagra are meant to look like pages in a passport with their characteristic rounded corners, pagination and watermarks. The lines of text running lengthwise and diagonally across the prints are written in Gurmukhi schript. Gurmukhi is the most common script used for writing Punjabi, one of the twenty-two official languages in India. The writing tells little personal tales of longing to go travelling abroad. The tale in this print follows in English below.


Story number 2. Soni Singh, age 16
There is celebration everywhere, lots of sweets and fireworks. The entire city is glowing, after all, it’s a Diwali night! I’m making tea in kitchen for my guests Kiran and her son Sweeet Soni. Kiran is my neighbour. Her husband lives in America and has driven a truck for more than ten years. They have very nice-looking house – it looks very western to me. I have heard that Soni’s teacher keeps coming to Kiran’s house to pick him up for school, but he doesn’t want to go. Soni is almost 16 and have no interest in books, but in showing imported goods to everyone, which his father has sent him. They keep talking to Gurmail on the phone and are eagerly waiting for visa papers. I think I should go serve them tea – maybe they have some imported chocolates for me!



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