NOBLE & WEBSTER Double Double Vision Vision, 2013

Noble & Webster
Double Double Vision Vision, 2013
70 x 100 cm
Prints 100
7,000 DKK framed (KLUB ARKEN price 5,600 DKK)

A common thread through the artist duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s artistic career is their relationship and cooperation. This also applies to the lithograph Double Double Vision Vision, which is the artists’ contribution to ARKENs Edition Series.

You probably know the principle of the game ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’. Blindfolded the artists have drawn each other’s portraits, and their facial features are thus, mildly put, quirky and fragmented. It has never been the artists’ intention to create precise and perfect portraits. On the contrary, they explore playfully and with a twinkle in the eye both their views on each other and on the portrait genre as such. For example, Sue has four eyes and wild eyebrows, Tim’s beard is more than sparingly, and he has three heads – even one in profile. Based on the simple idea of reproducing each other on the basis of memory, the artists’ portraits seem lovingly mischievous and liberating imperfect.

See pictures from the artists' visit at Edition Copenhagen 


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