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The Danish artist Peter Land is well-known for his humorous and often self-ironic video art, productions which explore the absurdity of life and man’s frequently failed conduct in the world.

Pink Space, 1995


PETER LAND Pink Space, 1995

In the video installation Pink Space Land stars as a pathetic and slightly tipsy entertainer, wearing a glittering blue lamé jacket, white shirt and black bowtie, who suavely takes a seat on a barstool, drink in hand. Smiling at the camera, he barely manages to sit down before the stool collapses under him and he comes crashing to the floor.

Besides the stool is a small wooden table with a bottle of whiskey but otherwise the room is bare. A bright spotlight illuminates the centre stage, bathing the entertainer and the barstool in pink light. The sequence of the entertainer entering the sparsely furnished room, taking a seat and falling down is repeated in a number of almost identical falls together constituting a loop.

About the work
The video installation Pink Space utilises an accessible and readily understandable imagery. The work’s simplicity, repetitive structure and focus on the recognisable character of the entertainer enable us as viewers to identify with his failed attempts at mastering the situation and gaining control of his performance.
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Peter Land’s art in general
Land moves freely between video, photo, performance and installation works and more traditional types of work in drawing, gouache and oil paint. In the various media he stages a tragicomic male figure, modelled on the artist’s own body or simply played by Land. Consistently the works are executed with an evident reference to the artist himself, in that Land appears in different but always immediately recognisable characters in the bulk of his pieces. Common to the works is also the depicted male figure’s lack of command of the situation. Thus the inadequacy and the fundamental lack of control are recurrent features in Land’s works.
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Peter land


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Peter Land was a student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen from 1988 to 1994.....

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