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A freakish reality


Anders Brinch belongs to a generation of young painters with no qualms about utilising both popular culture and classical art history as points of departure. His works are poetic and grotesque, playful and serious, often with great themes involved.


Cancer, 2006

ANDERS BRINCH Cancer, 2006

Written in giant letters across the ca. 4 metres wide canvas of Cancer is the word “cancer”. The serpentine shapes of the letters have been applied with glitter and sequins. Large pieces of dotted and striped fabric in bright colours are glued onto a base of paint. Likewise, the frame is covered in padded fabric.

Corrosion of Perception could be described as a hybrid between a monster and a gargantuan cactus. The 2.5 metres tall creature is painted green and strewn with glimmering glass shards. Its body is covered in large red apertures with pointed teeth stuck on. Inside some of the apertures is a staring eye, on the top sit six spiralling horns.

About the works
The painting Cancer has a candy floss-like expression which in this oversize format becomes almost grotesque. The glitter and festive sequins of the letters are a stark contrast to their message of illness and death. A fatal message usually treated with deadly seriousness is here presented in an almost playful fashion.

Corrosion of Perception too contains a mix of seriousness and play. The work looks both friendly and menacing, helpless and yet ready to devour you. The figure looks like a strange creature drawn from a far-out world.
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Anders Brinch's art in general

Brinch does not limit himself to one medium. In addition to painting he works with sculpture, drawing and installation. Not as delimited media but in a manner that brings about new combinations, expressions and forms. The artistic freedom to manoeuvre and pave the way for new expressions is essential.

Brinch explores the banal and trivial mixed with great themes such as life and death. Often employing his own life as a catalyst, he considers it a challenge to work on subjects that are heavy or bordering on cliché.
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Anders Brinch


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Brinch graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2007 and is associated with Galleri Christoffer Egelund...

Corrosion of Perception, 2006

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