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In Andreas Golder’s works grotesque, caricatured human figures inhabit a universe of abstract, painterly shapes. Taking his departure in banal and everyday situations, he paints an absurd and comical portrait of human life and our reality. Abstract and figurative elements clash in the paintings’ play with images and meanings.

Keep Your Painting, Have a Beer, 2007

ANDREAS GOLDER Keep your painting, have a beer, 2007

The work is a painting in two halves. The left part of the canvas has been turned into a large white palette creating an abstract play of bright colours. In the right side is a caricatured human figure – an artist with a skull for a head, tongue wagging from his mouth and pink nail varnish on his toes. He wields his brush furiously, paint squirting everywhere in colourful cascades.

About the work 
Keep Your Painting, Have a Beer is a ‘painting about painting’. By portraying an artist in the process of painting, the work self-consciously points to the artistic process and to painting as a medium. With a mixture of abstract and figurative elements, the painting presents us with a number of visual paradoxes. The artist in the picture is creating an abstract painting. But he has no easel. His brush strokes hover in midair – or is he finishing the painting that he himself is a part of? And the palette from which he gets his colours is both canvas, finished painting and palette. Confused? Golder utilises painting’s effects, abstract as well as figurative, thus playing on different planes of reality in his painting. At the same time the work can be regarded as a humorous portrait of an artist who once and for all has stepped off his pedestal.
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Andreas Golder’s art in general
Painting is central in Golder’s artistic oeuvre. Stylistically he covers a lot of ground, from almost abstract works to realistic situations, and his works holds a wealth of technical experiments. The narrative element, however, is recurrent – even entirely abstract works are often supplied with surprising and comical titles.

In the painting Gekackt Non Est Pictum a figure rushes against a wind so strong that he dissolves and turns back into paint. The work is an image of life’s absurdity and human adversity. To tell his story the artist employ painting’s technical attributes humorously. In the character’s wake plants, a house and a deer are stirred up – along with the Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí’s face with the characteristic moustache. The work’s strange title is a twisted version of the Latin proverb ‘cacatum not est pictum’ – shitting is not painting. A reminder that things may not always be as easy as they look.

About his odd and artful titles Golder says: – People give me titles. I hear them in conversations. Or I steal them from other painters and from magazines, for example Der Spiegel. Also, one year a girl sent me titles on postcards every day. I still have a collection of titles and I give one of them to a painting if it matches.
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Andreas Golder


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Andreas Golder was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia. At the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, he and his family emigrated to Heidelberg in Germany.....

Gekackt non est pictum, 2006

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