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Whether it be an old wagon wheel, a long forgotten souvenir, some crumpled aluminium foil or an used idea, Anselm Reyle will utilise it in his artistic universe. With few alterations or additions, everyday objects are placed in a new context and transformed into works of art.

 ANSELM REYLE Untitled, 2007

Reyle’s monumental painting Untitled consists of four horizontal bands of colour. The painting fades from blue into pink, yellow and violet. The colours have been spray-painted onto the canvas in a manner that leaves the transition between the colours completely fluid.


About the work
The work is abstract but its overwhelming size and horizontal lines recall a beautiful sunset. Utilising spray-paint and plastic colours, Reyle has updated the landscape of the romantic period to our time. The aggressive light of the neon colours adds an artificial and kitschy quality to the idyllic landscape.
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Anselm Reyle’s art in general
Reyle’s art covers a broad spectrum. He works especially with painting, sculpture and installations, creating his works from a form of ready-mades - objects or ideas that already exist. They might be everyday objects he chances upon and reworks, or ideas and works from modern art history which he quotes and makes his own.
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With a stock repertoire of compositions and painterly techniques, Reyle creates a form of signature works, emphasising his philosophy: less is more. Through his art Reyle attempts to demonstrate how few changes it takes to make an object or an idea function in new ways.

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Anselm Reyle


Anselm Reyle portræt
Reyle studied painting in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe and since 1998 has lived and worked in Berlin...

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Anselm Reyle talks about his work Untitled

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