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The former carpenter Clay Ketter constructs walls in the space between house-like interiors and modern abstract painting. They are at once narrative and void of references.


Narminal Feastro Wall, 2002


CLAY KETTER Narminal Feastro Wall, 2002  


A large wall is covered in an assortment of colours and materials. A brown door and a square window, with a blind to the right of the door are the wall's most prominent features. Closer scrutiny reveals a number of narrow shelves, doors and windowsills and traces of shelves, bookcases or other objects having been drilled into or otherwise fastened on the wall. The result is exposure of various paints and surfaces.


About the work
First and foremost the piece with the odd title Narminal Feastro Wall resembles an interior being redecorated, although it is difficult to tell whether it is being rebuilt or torn down in favour of a more expert finish. Doubtless the wall is in some kind of limbo, going from one state to another.
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Clay Ketter's art in general
Ketter constructs flat sculptures, installations and three-dimensional paintings – or a compound of all three categories. His striking painting, sculpture, and installations principally recall interior design.
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Clay Ketter


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Clay Ketter, born in Maine, USA, today lives in Lilla Uppåkra in Sweden. 1962-79 he lived in North Haven, Connecticut. He received a bachelor's degree of.....

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