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Elina Merenmies studied at the Academy of Fine Art (1988-92) and received an MA in 1999. In addition she has studied in Brussels (1988-89) and at the Academy of Fine Art in Prague in the early 1990s. During this period she travelled extensively in Europe, joining various subcultural scenes, including squatters and punks.  She has also played in a band.


For a number of years Merenmies has been a member of the French association Le dernier cri who work in the area between art, comics and animation. Among their publications is the ongoing visual 'encyclopaedia' Hôpital Brut.


Merenmies has exhibited all over Europe, most of all in Finland and France. In 2003 she contributed to the exhibition "Ur flickors liv" at Amos Andersons Konstmuseum and in 2002 to the exhibitions "Stop for a Moment. Painting as Narrative" and "Stop for a Moment. Painting as Presence" at Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, Wäino Aaltonen Museum and at ARKEN. With Le dernier cri she has exhibited in Marseille, London, Berlin, Strasbourg and Helsinki among other places.


Furthermore Merenmies is represented in Helsinki City Art Museum, The Saastamoinen Foundation, KIASMA Museet för Nutidskonst and Amos Andersons Konstmuseum, the latter two in Helsinki.

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