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Jeff Koons challenges the notion of art as highbrow culture and instead creates works that are seductive compounds of advertising aesthetics, toys and kitsch.


Inflatable Balloon Flower (Yellow), 1997


JEFF KOONS Inflatable Balloon Flower (Yellow), 1997


A big, round, yellow flower is placed on the museum floor. The soft, inflated shapes are buoyant  and almost transparent. The fragile exterior is increased by the enormous size; the flower is ready to burst.

About the work
Inflatable Balloon Flower (Yellow) resembles a toy spiked with growth hormones which have caused the balloon to mutate. The gargantuan size separates it from normal toys. It is luscious and attractive but also slightly uneasy, close to bursting from sheer vitality. As a matter of fact it seems like a fish out of water in a museum of art and better suited on the beach with other inflatables or in a smaller version as a balloon animal shaped by a man in the market..
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Jeff Koons' art in general
Koons' key words are desire, fascination, affect and allure. These terms decide whether he wants to work with a theme or an object. He picks the objects that characterise our everyday lives, thus enabling him to communicate with us in a straightforward manner, completely separate from modern art's usual elitist status.
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Jeff Koons



Jeff Koons studied at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and at Art Institute of Chicago (1972-1976), followed by a six-year stint as a Wall Street broker before he.....

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