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John Kørner’s vibrant paintings elegantly and humorously reinterpret the classical landscape tradition. His works gleam with a mix of cartoons, kitsch and sentimental painting, united in a fanciful magic realism.

Night at Stage, 2002

JOHN KØRNER Nat på scenen, 2002


In the monumental painting Night at Stage the glaring yellow background colour holds a chaotic, explosive composition. Black, red and blue brush strokes, thin as watercolours, beam from the centre of the picture. Around them is a row of meticulously painted empty chairs in a semi-circle, resembling the seats in a theatre. The picture appears as a vast and desolate landscape with an infinite horizon.

About the work
Kørner invokes a long art historical tradition in landscape painting. He reinterprets the classical subject in a contemporary version, adding humour and magic. In Kørner’s pictures the landscape becomes the gateway to a fantastic parallel world where everything is possible.
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John Kørner’s art in general
Kørner belongs to a new generation of artists who are self-conscious and explorative about the traditional medium of painting but who at the same time experiment with a fanciful, unceremonious and humorous imagery.
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John Kørner



John Kørner originally trained as a carpenter and subsequently enrolled at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1992-1998). Today he lives and.....

Postkontor, 2000

John Kørner postkontor

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