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Micha Klein explores the media-based culture of our time using advanced computer technology. Club culture, fashion, beauty, music and mass media are the recurring subjects of his shiny, garish works that threaten to offend good taste.

Crystal Powder from God, 2000


MICHA KLEIN Crystal Powder from God, 2000

Six naked or scantily dressed people are sitting on a white Rya-like rug. The three women gaze out at the onlooker while the tree men are staring intently at a glowing, white powder. Their smooth and perfect skin is decorated with conspicuous tattoos.

Surrounding the group are simple, schematic trees and a cluster of strange geometric shapes, stars, bubbles and crystals; in the foreground we find glossy magazines, tablets and colourful capsules. A rainbow frames the group.

About the work
Klein has created a wondrous landscape somewhere between dream and imagination, and with a smattering of reality. This is quite evidently a digitally manipulated photograph to which Klein has added a number of artificial shapes and objects.

The stage between dream and reality is reflected in the psychedelic and surrealistic shapes and colours and additionally underscored by the pharmaceuticals scattered around the group. The men and women may derive from real life but they are now in a different universe.
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Micha Klein's art in general
Klein's works are a significant crossover between art, marketing, advertising, web design and VJing, a discipline which stems from DJing but with music videos and video graphics being played rather than records or CDs.

Klein is a very successful VJ and experienced a breakthrough on the international club scene before he made it as an artist. Common to all his outlets is computer technology, whether used for advertising, museums of art or dance floors.
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Micha Klein


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Klein has a BA in computer graphics from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam where he lives and works today.....

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