Exhibition policy


   Fra ARKENs udstilling Picasso - Til alle tider (2004)
     ARKEN's exhibition Picasso - For All Times, 2004
ARKEN's exhibitions present art after 1945 featuring Danish, Nordic and international works.

In addition to the museum's mission to exhibit contemporary art, ARKEN is also committed to placing contemporary art in an art-historical framework and approaching the classical material from a new perspective.

The museum shows exhibitions with the greatest, Modernist artists alongside exhibitions of contemporary art - from the new, young talents to household names. The exhibitions are of international standard and are often subject to research. ARKEN collaborates on a continuous basis with a number of foreign museums.

ARKEN has presented exhibitions such as Duane Hanson - Sculptures of the American Dream (2007), Chagall's World of Love (2005-06), Picasso - For all Times (2004), John Bock - Klynken i knæk (2003), Asger Jorn (2002-03), Echoes of the Scream (Edvard Munch and followers) (2001), Man - Body in Art from 1950-2000 (2000), Robert Smithson (1999-2000), Christian Boltanski - Disappearance (1998-99) and COBRA 50 Years (1998).

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