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27 September 2014 – 12 April 2015

Friends and rivals

What is a good friendship? Loyalty and respect? Supporting and inspiring one another? Boosting and challenging one another’s values, opinions and actions? The DNA of friendship is dissected in autumn 2014 when ARKEN shows major works by two of the men of ‘the modern break-through’ in Danish art, Michael Ancher and P.S. Krøyer.


Ancher and Krøyer were loyal friends, but also rivals. They were passionate artists who influenced each other’s lives and artistic production. With a point of departure in both Krøyer og Ancher as well as correspondence between them, the exhibition tells the story of one of the most central friendships in Danish art.


The focus is on pictures from their beloved Skagen. Michael Ancher was a permanent resident, married to the local innkeeper’s daughter, Anna. Krøyer came to Skagen eight years after Ancher and later married the fashionable Marie. Ancher’s pictures of fishermen were part of the reason why Krøyer came to Skagen, and Krøyer’s paintings of summer light and artists’ gatherings rubbed off on Ancher’s subjects. What do the pictures tell us about their friendship? What do they show of the artists’ feelings about each other, their views of each other – and of themselves?

   P.S. KRØYER Summer evening at Skagen, 1892MICHAEL ANCHER Anna Ancher returning from the field, 1902














The Works above are on loan from Skagens Museum. Krøyer's work is owned by Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen. Deposited at Skagens Museum. Photo: Skagens Museum   




5 September 2015 – 17 January 2016 BJØRN WIINBLAD The Arabian Nights, tapestry, c. 1970-73



Elegant arabesques, delicate, tender lines, dynamic colours and lush forms. Most Danes know the fanciful faces and distinctive ornamentation of Bjørn Wiinblad from his popular decorative plates and his amazing illustrations for One Thousand and One Nights. There are plenty of memories from Danish dining rooms, but they do not stand alone: today, interest in Wiinblad’s unique and highly recognizable line with an Oriental décor touch is growing exponentially. Wiinblad’s aesthetics are is undergoing a revival.


In autumn 2015, ARKEN is presenting an extensive exhibition of the whimsical world of Wiinblad in ceramics, china, posters, illustrations, sculptures, set designs, costumes and more. Ranging far and wide, the exhibition presents a multifaceted picture of the artist’s development, his sources of inspiration and his unique sense of craft, décor and design.


Wiinblad’s style is shot through with unbridled lust for life, spirit and optimism. Not only is Wiinblad a household name in Denmark, he is known the world over, from Germany and the United States to the Middle East and Asia. The exhibition also illuminates his international breakthrough.








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