Do you know how simple it is to live without money? One can live from spinach made of nettles. Nettles grow everywhere.
Hundertwasser, 1960
Tree Tenant action in Milan, 1973 Photo: Aldo Cantarella

Hundertwasser was controversial in his own time, but his ideas strike home in ours. He foresaw the need to integrate nature in the cities, which is today generating phenomena like ‘urban farming’ and ‘guerilla gardening’. He was a pioneer in the plant-a-tree movement, and trees and plants grew everywhere on his buildings.

Give it back to nature
To restore the cycle of nature the artist experimented with composting toilets and the ability of plants to purify sewage. Human waste was to manure the plants on the roof, which could then be eaten.

Ideals as lifestyle
Hundertwasser ate local crops, sewed his own clothes and shoes and was fond of his bicycle and his sailing boat of wood, in which he crossed oceans. Throughout his life he demonstrated in speeches, manifestos and actions against pollution, deforestation, nuclear power, the growing quantities of waste, and first and foremost the visual pollution in the grey cities.

Eat nettles
During such an action, in a Parisian gallery in 1960, he advocated an ecological lifestyle by eating and serving nettle soup. Read more about the action and get the recipe for nettle soup here.



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