Nothing can be more beautiful than to go for a walk on one’s own roof.
Hundertwasser, 1974

HUNDERTWASSER ARCH 25/X Spiral House Architecture Model by Peter Manhardt
Hundertwasser dreamt of an architecture that broke down the boundaries between town and country, between nature and mankind. Freely growing forests were to conquer roofs and facades and penetrate all the way into the buildings. He spoke of ‘tree tenants’ which, unlike humans, paid their rent in oxygen and beauty.

Master of one’s own house
According to the artist every human being should create his or her own house as an extension of his or her skin and identity. Every tenant had the right to leave an imprint on the facade by painting it as far as he or she could reach from the window. See the film clip from the TV show, Wünsch dir Was, 1972, about Hundertwasser’s Window Right.

From utopia to reality
For decades the painter worked with architecture Hundertwasser Children's Day-care centre Heddernheim, Frankfurt, 1988-1995 Photo: Miguel Raurichon the utopian plane. But in 1980 the city of Vienna commissioned the now famous residential building Hundertwasserhaus. This was followed by many buildings designed by Hundertwasser in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, California, and New Zealand. Winding ceramic columns and gilded onion cupolas grace his imaginative organic architecture.


Green architecture today
Hundertwasser’s thinking on sustainable architecture is highly relevant today. The living green roofs insulate against cold, heat and sound. The plants combat air pollution and ensure slow drainage of the roof after heavy showers. The

exhibition is rounded off with examples of the green architecture of today. One of these is the building the ‘Vertical Forest' by Boeri Studio, who is inspired by Hundertwasser. Read what the architect Stefano Boeri says about his inspiration here.




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