Past exhibitions



The Scream. Borealis 8
16.11 1996 - 2.1 1997

* The exhibition compared contemporary Nordic and international art presenting the works of 41 artists, constituting all art forms, from painting, collage and photography to video and installation. Artists included Vanessa Beecroft, Olafur Eliasson, Christina Hill, Pipilotti Rist, Elmgren & Dragset and Peter Land.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 175 pages) with contributions by Kim Levin and Holger Reenberg among others.

Wilhelm Freddie. Works 1957-1995
17.11 1996 - 12.1 1997

* The exhibition comprised 96 paintings and assemblages from the period 1957-1995 and concentrated on Freddie’s exploration of the double sense of the body, as both physical substance and object of desire.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 224 pages) with contributions by José Pierre, Sven Dalsgaard, Claus Carstensen and Birger Raben-Skov. 

Per Kirkeby
20.9 - 10.11 1996

* By means of a wide selection of works constituting painting, graphic prints, sculpture and blackboards, the exhibition focused on key aspects of Per Kirkeby’s universe.
* Catalogue (Danish and English editions, colour illustrations, 128 pages) with contributions by Anders Kold, Dorthe Aagesen and Lars Morell.

Out of Shape
6.9 - 20.10 1996

* The exhibition constituted ARKEN's contribution to the national exhibition project Danish Sculpture in 125 Years. It comprised works, primarily installations, by 13 young, Danish artists, including Gitte Villesen, Martin Erik Andersen, Tine Borg and Henrik Plenge Jacobsen.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, illustrations, 40 pages) with contributions by Holger Reenberg.

The International Challenge
21.7 - 1.9 1996

* Exhibition of the contributions of 14 distinguished architects to the project “Kolonihaven” – from drawing board to models. Including Richard Rogers, Josef Paul Kleihues, Leon Krier, Aldo Rossi, Richard Meier, Henning Larsen and Søren Robert Lund.
* Catalogue (Danish and English editions, colour illustrations, 65 (96) pages) published in connection with the exhibition.
* The project was arranged in collaboration with Køge Art Museum of Sketches, the Kolonihaven Foundation and curators Kirsten Kiser and Christian Lund.

20.7 - 1.9 1996

* Exhibition of a work executed jointly by Ingvar Cronhammar and Poul Ingemann: a five piece suite of furniture.
* Booklet (Danish, colour illustrations, 14 pages) with contributions by Anders Kold, Folke Kjems and Carsten Thau.

Egill Jacobsen
8.7 - 8.9 1996

* The exhibition comprised 37 oil paintings by Egill Jacobsen emphasising his use of the mask as subject.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 96 pages) with contributions by Anna Castberg, Anders Kold, Egill Jacobsen, Michael Thouber and Pia Skogemann among others.

13.5 - 7.7 1996

* The exhibition comprised 13 works by the three artists Michael Kvium, Christian Lemmerz and Erik A. Frandsen, constituting painting, photography and installation.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 87 pages) with articles by Anna Castberg and Anders Kold and interviews with the artists by Ann Lumbye Sørensen.

Emil Nolde
15.3 - 12.5 1996

* The exhibition comprised 90 works (painting, watercolours, drawings and handicraft) on loan from private collectors and museums in Denmark and Germany. The exhibition embraced all of the themes Nolde treated.
* Catalogue (Danish and English editions, colour illustrations, 200 pages), produced in collaboration with Professor Peter Vergo, University of Sussex, with contributions from Ian McKeever, Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen and Manfred Reuther.
* The exhibition was mounted in collaboration between White Chapel Gallery, London and ARKEN.

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