Past exhibitions


Magasin 3. Selections from the Collection
30.11 1997 - 8.2 1998

* The exhibition comprised eighteen works, primarily sculptures and installations, but also video and photography by fourteen international artists. Artists included Sam Taylor Wood, Georg Baselitz, Richard Long, Walter De Maria and Bruce Nauman.
Mounted in collaboration with Magasin 3 in Stockholm.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 40 pages) with contributions by Christian Gether and David Neuman.

Claus Carstensen: Crossover
15.11 1997 - 18.1 1998

* The exhibition comprised 95 pictures (paintings, scanachromes, flags, works on paper and a mural executed especially for ARKEN’s Large Gallery). Virtually all of the works were from the period 1994-1997. A recurring motif in the exhibition was Carstensen’s ‘cross breeding’ of different themes and creators.
* Mounted in collaboration with the artist.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 120 pages) with articles by Christian Gether, Dorthe Aagesen, Simon Sheik and Mikkel Bogh.

The Hidden Pictures
20.9 - 16.11 1997

* The exhibition comprised 120 paintings, sculptures and photographs. The works were on loan from a number of public and private collections. The artistic focal points of the exhibition were the 1960s, '80s and '90s. The intention was to let the audience see important Danish works not usually on display. Artists included Robert Jacobsen, Per Kirkeby, Stig Brøgger, Mogens Andersen, Peter Carlsen and Joakim Koester.

Desire & Void: Contemporary Japanese photography
13.9  - 2.11 1997

* The exhibition comprised 92 works executed by twelve prominent photographers on the contemporary Japanese art scene. The exhibited works numbered a slide projection, a room installation of computer prints (colour xeroxes) as well as photographic prints on paper. Selection and hanging was based on the dialectical twin concept of “desire and void.” Artists included Mariko Mori, Nobuyoshi Araki and Hiroshi Sugimoto.
* Curator: Peter Weiermair. Mounted in collaboration with Kunsthalle Wien.
* Catalogue (German, colour illustrations, 176 pages) with contributions by Gerald Matt and Peter Weiermair.

Museum Denmark
20.6 - 31.8 1997

* The exhibition comprised 192 works (painting, graphic prints, drawings, photography, sculpture, ceramics, installation art) on loan from 26 Danish art museums. Each museum had been asked to select a group of works representative of the museum’s collection. The works were mounted chronologically, showing some of the trends in twentieth century Danish art as well as in the acquisition policies of Danish museums. Artists included J. F. Willumsen, Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Bjørn Nørgaard, Asger Jorn and Claus Carstensen.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 70 pages) with contributions from each of the participating museums.

ARKEN's collection
25.4 - 1.6 1997

* The exhibition comprised practically all of the hitherto acquired and deposited works in ARKEN’s Collection, totalling 49 works (painting, sculpture, graphic prints, photography, video, installation art). This was the first public presentation of ARKEN's Collection. Artists included Dan Graham, Claus Carstensen, Per Kirkeby, Elisabeth Toubro and Peter Land.

Guillaume Bijl
31.1 - 31.3 1997

* The exhibition comprised eight works, five of which were large installations and the remaining three smaller compositions. Virtually all of the works in the exhibition were recent, i.e. made after 1991. One of the exhibition’s main themes was the museum or exhibition and its role in modern reality.
* Mounting and publication of catalogue in collaboration with Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst in Antwerpen (MUHKA).
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English/French/German, colour illustrations, 136 pages) with contributions by Florent Bex, Stephan Berg, Frank Vande Veire and Guillaume Bijl.

Thorbjørn Lausten – LIGHT – PICTURE
27.1 - 7.6 1997

* The exhibition comprised five large light installations and a series of paintings. Moreover Thorbjørn Lausten had created an installation specifically for ARKEN's Large Gallery.
* Mounted in collaboration with the artist.

Bringing Out. New photographs by Per Bak Jensen
18.1 - 23.3 1997

* The exhibition comprised seven monumental colour photographs combined with two series of b/w photographs in smaller formats. They were recent works, focusing on Per Bak Jensen’s treatment of the landscape.
* Mounting and publication of catalogue in collaboration with Esbjerg Art Museum.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 62 pages) with contributions by Frederik Stjernfelt and others.

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