Past exhibitions


Christian Boltanski – Disappearance
24.10 1998 - 31.1 1999

* The exhibition comprised an installation executed especially for ARKEN's Art Axis: around 1500 b/w photographs from the work Menschlich covering the walls of the Art Axis, the sculpture ensemble Les Lits as well as 33 works from the period 1968-1974.
* In connection with the exhibition a free booklet and a slender catalogue (combined Danish/English, b/w illustrations, 64 pages) with articles by Malene Vest Hansen among others. SOLD OUT
* Mounted in collaboration with the artist and Musée d’Art Modern de la Ville de Paris.

Carl-Henning Pedersen & Marc Chagall
26.9 1998 - 17.1 1999

* The exhibition comprised 232 works: 130 works by Carl-Henning Pedersen and 102 by Marc Chagall. They were primarily paintings and works on paper: drawings (gouache, watercolours, chalk and pen) and graphic prints (etching and lithography) – including original works in books. Moreover bronze sculptures, ceramics (CHP), glass painting (CHP) and theatre sets (CHP) were shown.
* The works were on loan from 24 museums, institutions and private collections at home and abroad. The aim of the exhibition was to show Carl-Henning Pedersen’s art in a new light, by way of a dialogue between the two artists.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 104 pages) with contributions by Christian Gether, Kristine Kern and Norbert Nobis.

Danish Design: Richness & Simplicity
27.6 - 11.10 1998

* By means of everyday objects, photostats, slides and texts the exhibition demonstrated that richness and simplicity more than any other principle is the driving force behind Danish Design.
* Mounted by Danish Design Center.
Publication (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 14 pages) with text by Jens Bernsen.

The Fervour of DADA. Ernst Schwitters’ Collection
13.6 – 13.9 1998

* The exhibition comprised 110 works from Ernst Schwitters’ Collection, focusing especially on his father Kurt Schwitters’ own art production. His works were supplemented by works with roots in the 1910-20s Russian and German avantgarde movements, including artists such as Jean Arp, Josef Albers, Max Ernst, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Picasso. Furthermore the exhibition presented a few of Ernst Schwitters’ own photographs.
* Mounted in collaboration with Sprengel Museum, Hannover.
* Catalogue (Danish, colour illustrations, 64 pages) with an article by Markus Heinzelmann.
* Catalogue produced in collaboration with Sprengel Museum, Hannover (combined German/English, colour illustrations, 240 pages) with contributions by Lola and Bengt Schwitters, Markus Heinzelmann and Dietmar Elgar.

Claus Jensen: "Painting"
25.4 - 14.6 1998

* The exhibition comprised four works, on loan from the artist. These were new works, executed especially for ARKEN's halls. The dimensions of the rooms were reflected in the works. The three of them were so-called 'painting-objects': A Painting in Eight Parts, Triptych and Black Painting, whereas the last one was a charcoal drawing on the wall.
* After the exhibition the Ny Carlsberg Foundation donated A Painting in Eight Parts and Triptych to the museum. The artist donated Black Painting to the museum.
* Publication (Danish, colour illustrations, 16 pages) with an article by Kristine Kern.

ARKEN's Collection
13.2 - 27.9 1998

*The exhibition comprised 40 of the most significant works in ARKEN’s Collection. Particularly prominent was the collection of sculpture and photo-based art. Artists included Øivind Nygaard, Per Bak Jensen, Elisabeth Toubro, Mads Gamdrup, Kirsten Ortwed and Gitte Villesen.

Cobra 50 years
30.1 - 1.6 1998

* The exhibition comprised 140 works and commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the COBRA movement. The first part of the exhibition embraced the prelimanaries of the COBRA movement in Denmark whereas the second part focused on the transnational exchange of thoughts and views on art in the COBRA years as well as cooperation on exhibitions, productions and publications. Works on loan from all over Europe by artists including Pierre Alechinsky, Asger Jorn, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Karel Appel and Corneille.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 184 pages) with contributions by Christian Gether, Holger Reenberg, Per Hovdenakk, Trine Ross and Henrik Holm. SOLD OUT
* Variants of the exhibition were shown at Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense, Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amstelveen and the São Paolo Biennial.

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