Past exhibitions


MAN – Body in Art from 1950-2000
15.9 2000 - 14.1 2001

* ARKEN's grand Kulturbro 2000 exhibition.
* The exhibition comprised 140 titles constituting all art forms from film, photography and oil painting to sculpture and mechanical installations. On loan from Danish and foreign museums, galleries and collectors. The intention of the exhibition was to present artists’ use of the body as subject and material throughout the past fifty years, pointing out aspects of the human existence both universal and characteristic to the period. Artists included Francis Bacon, Germaine Richier, Duane Hanson, Tom Wesselmann, Yves Klein, Valie Export, Ana Mendieta, Mona Hatoum, Robert Gober, Louise Bourgeois, Bill Viola, Jana Sterbak, Nancy Burson, Orlan and Stelarc.
* In connection with the exhibition ARKEN held a seminar which from perspectives of art history, ethics, media studies and socio-history sought to define the nature of human existence and the role of the body in the society of today and tomorrow.
* Catalogue (combined Danish/English, colour illustrations, 232 pages) with contributions by Christian Gether, Margit Zuckriegl, Katy Deepwell, Stine Høholt and Gert Balling. Each article dealt with the body’s role in art in themes corresponding to one of the past five decades.

ARKEN's Collection
15.6 - 20.8 2000

* The exhibition comprised 50 works focusing on new acquisitions, including Christian Boltanski, Günther Förg, Jean Arp and Mads Gamdrup among others.
* Presentation sheet (Danish and English) and cd-rom (Danish).

Veronica's Revenge
3.6 - 3.9 2000

* The exhibition comprised around 300 photographic works by 60 international artists, including Man Ray, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol and Jeff Wall. The works were on loan from the Lambert Art Collection. The exhibition can best be described as an encyclopediea of the many styles and artistic trends in photography in the latter half of the twentieth century.
* Catalogue produced by Elisabeth Janus (ed.) and LAC, Switzerland (English, colour illustrations, 254 pages) with numerous contributions by Elisabeth Janus, Marina Warner, Laura Cottingham and Jeff Wall among others.
* Booklet (Danish) with text by Christian Gether and Elisabeth Janus

Only when I laugh
22.1 - 21.5 2000

* An installation for the curious by the Danish pictorial artist Iben Dalgaard. Inside large lockers were hidden objects with matching titles, the connection between which was to be found out. Objects, language and concepts were placed in unorthodox relations, uncovering new aspects of our experience of reality.
* Presentation sheet (Danish).

Günther Förg
22.1 - 4.6 2000

* The exhibition comprised 51 works (around 110 units) on loan from the artist, Galerie Bärbel Grässlin as well as private collectors. Grouping of painting, photography and sculpture spanning the artist’s career. The aim of the exhibition was to demonstrate the scope of the artist’s oeuvre, calling attention to the importance of painting to his work in other media.
* Catalogue (Danish with English summary, colour illustrations, 84 pages) with contributions by Christian Gether and Rune Gade.

Edvard Munch: The Simple Life. Paintings from Ekely 1916-44
19.1 - 21.5 2000

* The exhibition comprised 110 oil paintings from Edvard Munch’s late, brighter period, on loan from the Munch Museum in Oslo. The aim of the exhibition was to render a more balanced image of the artist who is otherwise primarily connected with the mysterious and sombre imagery of Symbolism.
* Catalogue (Danish with English summary, colour illustrations, 68 pages) with contributions by Christian Gether, Holger Reenberg, Arne Eggum and Sissel Bjørnestad.

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