Past exhibitions


STOP FOR A MOMENT – Painting as Presence
9 November 2002 – 23 February 2003

* The exhibition of new Nordic painting comprised 98 works by the artists Marcus Eek (S), Anna Fro Vodder (DK), Jukka Korkeila (FI), John Kørner (DK), Tal R (DK), Elina Merenmies (FI) and Tiina Elina Nurminen (FI).
The exhibition included two large, site-specific pieces which were painted directly onto the wall of ARKEN’s Art Axis.
STOP FOR A MOMENT focused on the temporality of painting and the onlooker’s experience of presence in the painting. The exhibition also encouraged a dialogue between contemporary painting and the painterly tradition represented by the Jorn retrospective concurrently on show.
* Catalogue published by NIFCA Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (in English with Danish insert) with an article by Kari Immonen and interviews with the participating artists by exhibition curators Kari Immonen and Mika Hannula. Price DKK 69.
* The exhibition was mounted in collaboration with NIFCA in Helsinki and was one of three featuring contemporary Nordic painting. The other two were STOP FOR A MOMENT – Painting as Narrative and STOP FOR A MOMENT – Painting as a Place to Be.

14 September 2002 – 19 January 2003

* The 250 works of this exhibition included paintings, ceramics, sculptures, graphic prints, tapestries, décollages, books and periodicals. This retrospective showed the range and development of Jorn’s œuvre, focusing in particular on the scope between the imaginary, expressive pieces and the theoretical artistic strategy characterising other paintings and texts. This duality was evident in the difference between the spontaneous-abstract paintings, the Cobra paintings and the avant-garde works from Jorn’s time with the International Situationist Movement during which he painted over old paintings found in flea markets.
* Catalogue (in Danish and English, colour illustrations, 175 pages) with articles by Per Hovdenakk (the exhibition’s guest curator), Stine Høholt (the exhibition curator), Asger Jorn, Gaston Bachelard, Peter Thurmann, Anneli Fuchs, Pierre Alechinsky, John Kørner and Troels Andersen. Price DKK 99.
* The exhibition was subsequently shown at Cobra Museum of Modern Art, The Netherlands (7 February – 27 April 2003) and Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany (17 May – 10 August 2003).

SIGRID HJERTÉN & ISAAC GRÜNEWALD- Family Life And Avant-garde 1910 – 1919
15 June – 1 September 2002

* The exhibition presented 52 paintings by the Swedish artist couple Sigrid Hjertén and Isaac Grünewald from the period 1910 till 1919.
Hjertén and Grünewald rank among the most established artists in Sweden. After a stay in France they broke with the prevalent naturalist tradition, ushering in an expressive, colourful and decorative style of painting. Their paintings reveal manifest influence from essential French artists such as Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall and Paul Cézanne. In turn their art greatly influenced Nordic modernism.
* Catalogue (in Swedish and English with Danish insert, colour illustrations, 93 pages) with articles by Birgitta Flensburg, Shulamith Beth and Katarina Borgh Bertorp. Price DKK 99. SOLD OUT
* The exhibition was mounted in collaboration with Norrköpings Konstmuseum, where it was presented under the title Sigrid & Isaac – Modernismens pionjärer, 3 March – 20 May 2002.

15 June - 1 September 2002

* The Hjertén and Grünewald exhibition was put into perspective by an exhibition of contemporary Swedish art, presenting works by Annika von Hausswolff, Meta Isæus Berlin, Carin Ellberg, Annika Karlsson Rixon, Pål Hollender, Anneè Olofsson and Lisa Strömbeck.
As was the case with Sigrid Hjertén and Isaac Grünewald the home and the near things serve as key subjects in contemporary art. The medium is no longer painting but very often photography and video which offer verisimilitude. The relationship with the home seems transformed as well. What has appeared as a safe and familiar home is no longer the stable factor it used to be. The exhibition explored the psychological and unsettling aspects of the term ‘home.’
* Catalogue (in Danish, colour illustrations, 56 pages) with texts by Bo Nilsson, Mette Mechlenborg, Anne Kielgast and Helen Sværke.

FERNANDO BOTERO - Painter of the Incredible
2 February – 2 June 2002


9 February – 2 June 2002

* The exhibition comprised 66 paintings by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero at ARKEN and eight bronze sculptures shown on Strøget in Copenhagen.
* The paintings demonstrated the gravity and the key themes in Botero’s portaits, still lifes, subjects from bullfighting and from city and country. The works accentuated Botero’s Latin American context in the form of political satire, childhood memories and Colombian street life. Another subject was Botero’s strong and continued relationship with the old masters of European art history.
* In connection with the exhibition ARKEN held the seminar "Conversations with Latin America" (11 May 2002).
The speakers were journalist Jens Lohmann, Martin Zerlang (Department of Comparative Literature, University of Copenhagen), Solveig Thorborg ( from Department of Modern Culture, University of Copenhagen), Ximena Narea (Lic in Theory and Art History from Lund University) and Dorthe Rugaard Jørgensen (curator at ARKEN).
* Two free, weekly tours were given for audiences on Strøget.
* The exhibition was mounted by Moderna Museet in Stockholm.
Botero on Strøget was realised in collaboration with the municipality of Copenhagen.
* Catalogue (in Danish, colour illustrations, 91 pages) with articles by David Elliot and Mario Vargas Llosa.

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