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24 September 2004 – 9 January 2005
Jytte Høy – A Historical Alphabet for You

The exhibition presented the Danish artist Jytte Høy’s installation A Historical Alphabet for You, created specifically for ARKEN’s Graphics Gallery, a visual rebus of words and images jumbled together in two collage-like, oversize popup books.
A sculpture graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Jytte Høy lives and works in Copenhagen and Aarhus and since 1996 has been the director of the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts. She works in a conceptual idiom, setting up concrete, often droll frameworks for the realisation of her sculptures.


The exhibition presented an alternative alphabet made of words and images, spotlighting a number of seminal events of the twentieth century. Høy’s alphabet of words plays with our manner of constructing systems and understanding the world and culture around us, challenging us to think along new imaginative lines.
Catalogue (in Danish and English, colour illustrations, 111 pages) with articles by Jytte Høy, Merete Pryds Helle, Mika Hannula and Ann Lumbye Sørensen.



18 September 2004 - 23 Januar 2005


The exhibition showed 111 works from one of the most forceful and energetic art movements of the early twentieth century: German expressionism. It came into being in a time fraught with conflict and characterized by growing industrialization and materialism, a time that saw a race to reach the South Pole, the sinking of the Titanic and the outbreak of World War I.


These upheavals could be forgotten by the artists as they set off on their excursions into the great outdoors - far from civilization's madding crowds. They sought an alternative to the chaos of contemporary reality: a joy in the primordial and a new and uncontaminated paradise on earth.
The exhibition showed works by the artists Adolf Erbslöh, Erich Heckel, Alexej Jawlensky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, August Macke, Franz Marc, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Wilhelm Morgner, Otto Mueller, Gabriele Münter, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein og Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. These artists primarily belonged to the artistic groups Die Brücke (1905-1913) and Der Blaue Reiter (1911-1914).


Catalogue (in Danish and English, colour illustrations, 106 pages) with articles by Dorthe Rugaard Jørgensen, Norbert Nobis, Prof. Dr. Roland Doschka as well as presentations of the artists by Signe Marie Ebbe Jacobsen.



26. June - 5. September 2004


The exhibition juxtaposed he Swedish national painter Anders Zorn (1860-1920) with eleven Nordic contemporary artists. The theme of the exhibition was Nordic identity past and present, illustrating how Nordic self-knowledge has developed – from national character to brand, from bathing beauties to tourist theatre, from one to several identities.


One of Sweden's most famous and beloved artists, Zorn helped shape and retain the culture that today is employed to promote Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia as unique.
The eleven contemporary Nordic artiwsts were Miriam Bäckström (s), Mads Gamdrup (DK), Lise Harlev (DK), Annika von Hausswolf (S),  Peter Johansson (S), Michael Kvium (DK), Jouko Lehtola (FIN), Esko Männiko (FIN), Lillibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK), Torbjørn Rødland (N), Lars Tunbjörk (S).


Catalogue (in Danish, colour illustrations, 64 pages)  with articles by Stine Høholt and Christian Gether as well as presentations of the artists of the exhibition.



 14 February - 18 April 2004

The exhibition presented new abstract paintings by Irish artist Ciarán Lennon (b. 1947). His paintings are about opening your eyes and your senses. Ciarán Lennon is one of Ireland’s most acclaimed artists. Born and raised in Dublin where he still lives and works, he is inspired by an intimate knowledge of the city’s locations and ambience, past and present.
The exhibition was created especially for ARKEN’s Graphics Gallery. It showed two new paintings which he calls CAMAC Paintings. They are connected to the changing hues of the water in the river Camac.

The exhibition was supported by Arts Council, Ireland.
Catalogue (Danish/English edition, colour illustrations, upaginated). With an essay by Dorthe Rugaard Jørgensen.



31 January - 13 June 2004


In addition to paintings the 101 works of the exhibition comprised ceramics, sculpture, graphic prints and drawings, primarily from Picasso’s grandchild Bernard Ruiz-Picasso’s collection. Bernard Ruiz-Picasso’s private collection contains the works that his grandfather kept to himself until his death and which were subsequently passed on to the grandchild. Thus the exhibition presented Picasso’s own ‘Picasso’s.’

The exhibition presented a unique opportunity to follow Picasso year by year and appreciate his lifelong artistic career. The comprehensive selection of works illustrated the great variation in Picasso’s œuvre: from early academic studies over Cubist compositions and Surrealist metamorphoses to late expressive portraits. Picasso - For All Times presented the artist’s uncanny ability to oscillate freely between disparate stylistic idioms.
Catalogue (in Danish and English, colour illustrations, 120 pages) with articles by Lotte S. Lederballe Pedersen, the American Picasso scholar Marilyn McCully, interview with Pablo Picasso by the American art critic Marius de Zavas as well as a biography by Signe Marie Jacobsen.


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