Past exhibitions



15 September – 9 December 2007

MAD LOVE – Young Art in Danish Private Collections

Mad Love provided a unique glimpse into private Danish art collections. The exhibition took stock of our current contemporary art whether beautiful or ugly, playful or serious, dreamy or strictly objective. The inheritance after Surrealism and Pop Art permeated the works of the exhibition.

19 Danish collectors lent 136 works for the exhibition. 75 Danish and international artists participated – from big, household names to new, hot in demand talents. The artists included German Jonathan Meese, American Dearraindrop, British David Shrigley, South Korean Osang Gwon, Mexican Dr. Lakra, South African William Kentridge, American Michael Bevilacqua and Norwegian Torbjørn Rødland. Furthermore Danish artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Tal R, Andreas Schulenburg, HuskMitNavn, Torben Ribe, Jes Brinch and Henrik Plenge Jakobsen were also featured.
Catalogue (in Danish, fully illustrated, 72 pages) with articles by Dorthe Rugaard Jørgensen and Hannah Dougherty.


23 June – 2 September 2007

The exhibition IMAGES OF MAN TODAY spotlighted a significant trend in contemporary art: The exploration of modern man’s identity. Key themes were community, beauty, gender and intimacy.
The fifty works of the exhibition were all selected from ARKEN’s own collection of international contemporary art and encompassed sculpture, drawing, photography, video, installation art and socially engaged contextual art.

The exhibition showed both key figures on the international art scene and young stars in the making. Artists included Jesper Just, Elina Brotherus, Sarah Lucas, Micha Klein, Christian Boltanski, Jouko Lehtola, Peter Land, Stella Hamberg, Lars Arrhenius, Keith Cottingham, Tony Oursler, Nancy Burson, Tim Noble & Sue Webster and Vibeke Tandberg.



27 January - 3 June 2007
DUANE HANSON – Sculptures of the American Dream

The exhibition DUANE HANSON presented the American artist Duane Hanson’s (1925-1996) hyperrealist sculptures of perfectly ordinary people from the lower middle class in USA. Hanson used the human body as the basis for his both deeply humorous and critical commentary to the Western world’s social reality and consumer culture.

The exhibition was the first Duane Hanson solo exhibition in Denmark since 1975. It presented 31 works from the whole of Hanson’s production, a film about the artist as well as photographs documenting the process of construction.
The exhibition was mounted in collaboration with Institut für Kulturaustauch, Tübingen. 
Catalogue (in Danish and English, fully illustrated, 192 pages) with articles by Thomas Buchsteiner, Keith Hartley, Lotte Sophie Lederballe Pedersen and Erja Pusa.


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