Practical Information

Playing in The Model


PALLE NIELSEN The Model, 2014
Age group
3-12 years

The playground features a foam pit and a tent with creative materials, dress-up costumes and face paint for the age groups 3-6 years and 7-12 years.
There are also inflated inner tubes that children can roll, stack or play hide-and-seek in. There is music and sounds for children to play. In the spring we will be building a plant station with grow lights where children can grow plants.

In The Model, children can follow their own creative impulses. It is okay to take brushes, colours and other materials out of the tent area and paint the playground equipment. Children can draw with chalk on the floor and tape up their drawings wherever they want.

Opening hours
The Model is open and staffed during all museum hours, Wednesdays until 19:00. We slowly start picking up and closing down from 16:30 (Wednesdays from 18:30).
Wednesdays from 17:00-19:00, adults also get a chance to play in The Model (along with the children).

Play hosts 
The Model is staffed by “play hosts.” The play hosts’ job is to play with and support the children in their creativity.
All play in The Model is the full responsibility of parents/teachers/supervisors.

Admission and booking
Admission is free for children. Reduced admission of DKK 50 for adults who will only be accompanying children to The Model. Kindergartens, school classes and other groups of children are required to book a time in The Model.

For the time being, we estimate that The Model can hold approx. 80 children at a time, evenly distributed between the two age groups. The play hosts assess when the playground is full. Everyone should have a good time in The Model. If a lot of children want to play, there may be some waiting time.

Other general rules
Children and adults must take off their shoes in the carpeted area of The Model.

Lunch is eaten in the museum’s wardrobe area.

There is a sink in The Model for cleaning brushes, hands and faces.

Children may not bring materials from The Model into other areas of the museum.

Der vil være forklæder til børnene, men vi anbefaler, at børnene kommer i gammelt tøj eller har skiftetøj med. 
DK-2635 Ishøj
Tel: (+45) 43 54 02 22
Skovvej 100
Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday: 10-17
Wednesday: 10-21
Monday: Closed
Admission fees
Adults: 50 kr.
Groups: 50 kr.
Pensioniers: 50 kr.
Students: 50 kr.
Children under 18: Free