Kickstart is ARKEN’s education project linking schools and the museum via current exhibitions. Artworks from ARKEN’s series of UTOPIA exhibitions kick off classroom activities, perhaps in connection with a school project or assignment.



The museum and schools map out a course together. The starting point for the course is a dialogue with students about their individual and shared dreams. Relevant themes might include: “What do you dream about?,” “Dreams of a better world,” “Journey into time” and “Utopia/dystopia.”


ARKEN has the UTOPIA artworks to unleash dialogue, creating a space for students’ reflections and thoughts to unfurl. In the process, students’ dreams and visions of “the good world” become conduits for their own productions. The course takes place both in the classroom and at ARKEN.


For further information, please contact Gunnar Munksgaard at +45 43 57 34 67 or


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