A new ARKEN Bulletin looks at the changing museum

ARKEN Bulletin vol. 5, Utopic Curating


The last three years at ARKEN have been an exploration in Utopia. A generous donation from the Nordea-foundation has permitted us to focus on this grand concept and to immerse ourselves in the modes of expression and potential that Utopia offers art – and not least the art institution. We have chosen to gather together the results of these explorations under the heading Utopic Curating. With this concept as a working tool we want to point to a new curatorial tendency and museum practice which, informed by new departures in art itself, turn the focus on what exhibitions can do.
ARKEN Bulletin vol. 5, Utopic Curating

A number of articles offer possible paths for the role of the art institution and its changing function – from a storehouse of knowledge to a social actor and a site of potentiality. Central to the project are ideas of community-building, outreach and new curatorial practices with a focus on dialogue, participation and sensory experience.

Utopic Curating has grown out of ARKEN’s research project The Art Museum of the Future, conducted in 2009-2010 with support from the Heritage Agency of Denmark. With this publication we wish to further debate on the role of the museum and the function it can have now and in the future.

The publication has recieved support from the Ministry of Culture's shares of the Pools fund and Lotto Funds. 

Utopic Curating, ARKEN Bulletin vol. 5, 2010
ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst, (Editors: Christian Gether, Stine Høholt, Camilla Jalving og Signe Marie Ebbe Jacobsen).
96 pages
Price 149 DKK
Published in English

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