ARKEN receives multi-million donation

ARKEN receives multi-million-DKK donation

The A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation has made a substantial multi-million-krone donation to the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art. The funds will be used to redefine the landscape around the museum which will then be situated on an “island of art”.

ARKEN’s architecture was originally intended to allude to a stranded ship. The initial concept called for locating the museum on the beach in Køge Bay. A generous donation by the A.P. Møller Foundation is now making it possible to get very close to the original vision. Establishing the museum’s connection to the sea will allow harmonious interplay between ARKEN’s characteristic ship-like architecture and the landscape around it – and offer visitors to the Beach Park a unique experience of nature and culture.

Canals dug in the area around ARKEN will leave the museum lying on an island. Three bridges to the mainland will create a characteristic transition from raw nature to refined culture. The surrounding landscape will be defined by a new lagoon, by bridges, dikes and dunes – and not least by an unobstructed view from the restaurant of the sea and the coastline’s teeming bird life.

The overall framework for redefining the area has already been established for the sake of the planning authority. Now the concept must be given concrete form. Accordingly, ARKEN is announcing a concept competition. See further information about the competition here.

The area is expected to open in fall 2014.

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