ARKEN for families

ARKEN for families


Barn på ARKEN


At ARKEN there are lots of opportunities for children and their parents.


Come Play in the Model
Throughout 2014, artist Palle Nielsen’s legendary 1968 work The Model is installed in ARKEN’s biggest gallery, the Art Axis. The Model is an installation in the form of a playground where children can play, move around and express themselves freely. There are tractor inner tubes, foam bouncy castles, paint, cardboard and paper, dress-up clothes, face paint and music, even a plant workshop.


Freedom, imagination, creativity, presence and physicality are key in The Model. Kids are free to follow their creative ideas and test themselves in a positive play environment. The Model is staffed by play hosts, whose role it is to play with, inspire and support the children in their creativity. The Model is for children aged 3-12 years, but on Wednesday evenings it is open to teenagers and grownups as well.


Holiday workshops
During school holidays ARKEN arranges workshops, concerts etc. for children and young people (in danish).


The beach
In the summertime you may conclude your visit with a visit to the beach. The rest of the year offers many opportunities to explore the varied animal life of the beach park in the area around the museum.

For more information about activities for children and youth, click here


Dressing table

There are dressing tables in the basement.

Prams and pushchairs

For security reasons, prams and pushchairs are not permitted in the galleries. However, folding pushchairs are permitted. At the ticket sales desk you can borrow a folding pushchair or a baby sling.

Food and Drinks

You are not allowed to enjoy your own food and drinks at the museum.

ARKEN café offers delicious menus, also for children.

DK-2635 Ishøj
Tel: (+45) 43 54 02 22
Skovvej 100
Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday: 10-17
Wednesday: 10-21
Monday: Closed
Admission fees
Adults: 50 kr.
Groups: 50 kr.
Pensioniers: 50 kr.
Students: 50 kr.
Children under 18: Free