LECTURE: The School of Life - How to Stay Calm

Wednesday September 17th at 18:00-21:00 

School of Life: How to Stay Calm  

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Photo: The School of Life

Based in London The School of Life sells philosophical thoughts and ideas for everyday life.

Now they visit Denmark for the first time when ARKEN and Golden Days Festival invite the existential school to demonstrate how art, literature, and philosophy can provide answers to life’s big themes and challenges.

In two exclusive and original lessons at ARKEN the school centers on the existential turmoil that we experience as humans, when society is changing radically. This evening focuses on how we rediscover a sense of peace in the face of tragedy and fear under the heading "How to Stay Calm".

The lesson is conducted in English and will be led by the philosopher Brennan Jacoby through equal parts education and dialogue between participants and teacher.

Price: 299 DKK/ KLUB ARKEN and students 199 DKK.
The ticket includes food and beverages.
Tickets can be bought here.

The event is a collaboration between ARKEN and Golden Days Festival.

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