Let's find new ways to be in the world!

This is the call - and the invitation - from journalist, author and opinion leader Maj My Humaidan, who is famous in Denmark for the bestseller book 'Ærø Manifestet'. Many media have proclaimed Maj My to start a 'quiet revolution'. A revolution that is about taking a critical look at societal norms, which include makes us rush off, and often regret what we spend our time on.In the book, she openly talks about longing and dreams of a family life with more presence (she has four children with her husband), where they turn their backs on society's hamster wheel and think it all over in sync with nature and their own rhythms.The book led Minister for Immigration and Integration Kåre Dybvad Bek to call Maj My Humaidan one of the 'welfare society's freebies' during a major media debate, because she insists on working less and being more present in her life.

Come and meet Maj My Humaidan at ARKEN and ask her the questions you need answers to in your life or after reading the book.
Maj My inspires courage, hope and action – just what the world needs, and which the exhibition GROUP THERAPY — NEW CONTEMPORARY ART provides a forum for conversations.

Sunday 17.03.24 at 14-16 (with break and with questions)

Price: DKK 165 + admission to the museum (DKK 75).

Photo: Josefine Barrett