Information about the processing of personal data at ARKEN Museum for Contemporary Art

ARKEN, as data controller, takes the protection of your personal data seriously.

Because we store your personal data, we have adopted this Privacy Policy to inform you about the types of data we collect about you and what we use it for. With this policy we also seek to inform you about the legal basis for our processing of your personal data and about your rights in that regard. And it ensures that your personal data is processed in accordance with the law.

The data controller for the processing of your personal data is: ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art. You can find information on how to contact us at the bottom of this document.

We collect, process and store your personal data for specific purposes

We collect and use information about your name, address, telephone number and email address for use for the following purposes:

Invitation lists
CLUB ARKEN membership
Domestic travel with CLUB ARKEN
Reservations at the café
Purchase of tickets

The legal basis for this processing is art. 6 (1) (b) of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We also use your name and email address to contact you.

In addition, we collect your personal data for the purposes of internal market research, marketing and statistical tracking. Video surveillance is also conducted on the museum property in accordance with current regulations. The footage is stored for 30 days.

We only disclose your information in the following cases

Your personal data may be entrusted to external partners who process the data on our behalf. These companies are data processors and only process data according to our instructions. Data processors may not use the data for any purpose other than performance of the contract and are subject to professional secrecy. We have entered into written data processing agreements with all data processors who process personal data on our behalf. We never transfer data to non-EU countries.

Furthermore, we will never disclose your information to third parties unless we are required to do so by law or a government order, or by specific agreement with you.

We delete your personal data when it is no longer needed

We delete your personal data when it is no longer needed for the purpose for which we collected it - usually at the termination of our agreement.

According to the documentation and retention requirements under the Danish Act on Bookkeeping, we must store information about financial transactions for at least five years.

We protect your personal data and have internal rules in place regarding data security

We have adopted a set of internal rules on data security, which contain instructions and measures to protect your personal data from loss or alteration and from unauthorised access or knowledge of it.

Your rights:

You have a number of rights under the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding our processing of your personal information, including:

• The right to be informed about the personal data we process about you

• The right to have inaccurate personal data rectified

• The right to request that your personal data be deleted

• The right, in certain cases, to restrict the processing of your personal data

• The right, in certain cases, to object to our otherwise lawful processing of your personal data

• The right to lodge a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency if you are dissatisfied with the way we process your personal data

You can find the Danish Data Protection Agency's contact information at You can learn more about your rights at  

Do you have any questions?

If you have questions regarding our processing of your personal data or if you wish to exercise one or more of your rights, please contact:

ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art
Address: 2635 Ishøj Skovvej 100
DK business reg. no.: 17837605
Phone: +45 4354 0222