About the museum

Did you know that ARKEN is Denmark's largest museum of contemporary art? At the museum, you can experience world-class art. Art created in our time and that is about you, the life you live, and the communities and society you are part of. About life and death, about dreams, love and crises, about nature, technology and people.

ARKEN is an international museum with a unique national mission and with strong local roots in the Vestegnen region west of Copenhagen. Surrounded by the sea, dunes and the beautiful Ishøj Beach Park, we host exhibitions, collect contemporary art, build communities through art dissemination, conduct research, and provide inspiring experiences of both art and nature. For you, your family and your friends.

We can do all this thanks to a grant from the Danish state for operation and development of the museum. We also receive grants and donations from generous foundations and sponsors. ARKEN is a self-governing institution with a board of trustees as the supreme authority, while Director Marie Nipper heads the day-to-day management.


Lars Kirdan, Nordic Director of Business Development (Chairperson of the Board)

Deputy Chairperson

Merete Amdisen, Mayor (Deputy Chairperson of the Board)

Board Members

Anne-Marie Skov, Board leader
Hanne Leth Andersen, Rector
Henrik B. Andersen, Professor
Lukas Lausen,  Public Affairs Director
Christina Toft, Employee Representative

Museum Director

Marie Nipper graduated with a master's degree in art history. Prior to becoming Director of ARKEN, she was Director of Copenhagen Contemporary and has previously served as Artistic Director and Senior Curator at Tate in Liverpool as well as Senior Curator at ARoS in Aarhus.
Marie Nipper also serves on the boards of several organisations, including Tivoli A/S, Wonderful Copenhagen, Kistefos Museum, and the Beehive Foundation. In the past two decades, Marie Nipper has been behind numerous exhibitions featuring Danish and international artists and has initiated major collaborations with institutions both in Denmark and internationally.


ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art
Phone: +45 4354 0222
Telephone hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10.00-12.00
Email: info@arken.dk

Event: event@arken.dk
Booking: booking@arken.dk
Café: cafeen@arken.dk,
Shop: webshop@arken.dk
Ideas for new art/exhibitions? exhibtions@arken.dk


Marie Nipper

Executive Assistant
Lene Christiansen
Telephone: +45 51 67 02 43

Secretarial Assistant
Helle Damborg

Senior Curator & Head of Collections
Dorthe Juul Rugaard

Head of Communication & Marketing
Anne Axholm

Head of Learning and Public Engagement
Lærke Vindahl

Niels Kildahl
Head of Programme

Head of Security & Technical Department
Mikkel Rasmussen

Charlotte Kristensen
CLUB ARKEN Administrador
Telephone: +45 7020 6022
Telephone hours: Wednesday 11-13
E-mail: klubarken@arken.dk

Annual Report

Download the museum's annual reports from 2019-2022 here.