Who is Anish Kapoor and what will he tell us through his works? Come to an inspector's lecture about the artist, who has had a 40-year career, from which ARKEN shows selections. Hear about how the exhibition takes the form of a total intervention in architecture, which challenges and changes the habitual way around the house — and which paves the way for new ways to see and experience the works and spaces.
Kapoor's works often play with our sense of sight and with what we cannot see with the naked eye, with the known and the unknown, with the object and its negative.

The lecture by curator Sarah Fredholm lasts approximately 50 minutes and takes place in the Concert Hall.

Price: 75 DKK. excluding entrance ticket to ARKEN - the lecture is free for KLUB ARKEN (Ticket reservation is required via your membership page)

We reserve the right to make changes.