Come along to the Season Opening of I am Fire and Water — Ursula Reuter Christiansen.

How can we be human in a world where hope and courage are constantly challenged by cruelty and despair?
What do we do while children are robbed of their lives in war? And how do we part with this world, standing between love and the abyss?

18.30 The bar opens
19.00 Speech by Director Marie Nipper
19.15 DJ Esben Weile Kjær
20.00 Performance by Josefine Opsahl
21.30 Thank you for tonight

Drinks and snacks can be purchased
Additional buses between Ishøj St. and ARKEN

Thank you to
New Carlsberg Foundation
The National Art Fund
Consul Georg Jorck and Wife Emma Jorck's Fund
Lemvigh-Müller Foundation

Read more about the exhibition here.