For six decades, Reuter Christiansen has been one of the most significant artists on the Danish art scene, and today she stands on the threshold of an international breakthrough. In a solo exhibition at ARKEN, she presents 7 large installations that bring together early and completely new works — ranging from painting to sculpture and film.

Ursula Reuter Christiansen's works transforms lived life into art, insisting on the uncomfortable and desperate rather than the beautiful and harmonious. She brings life to basic human conditions by linking major political crises and catastrophes with literary sources of inspiration — from folk tales to modernist literature — and personal narratives. Hope and hopelessness stand side by side in Reuter Christiansen's powerful works.

In recent years, she has embarked on a new chapter in her artistic career, where she works with paintings and installations in huge formats. In a conversation with senior curator Dorthe Juul Rugaard, Ursula Reuter Christiansen will talk about her new works and lifelong artistry.

The conversation is in Danish.
Price: 95, - DKK + entrance fee to ARKEN.