Foto: Freja Vesterløkke

Get out of the city for an unforgettable experience at ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art. The international museum is located a mere 16 minute train trip away from Copenhagen Central Station (train lines A og E) as well as a short walk from Ishøj Station. Here you can experience artworks by world-famous artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Jeppe Hein and the current exhibition Unseen with works by the British-Indian artist Anish Kapoor.

Until the 28.07.24, you can also experience the exhibition Group Therapy featuring new art from the Danish contemporary art scene, among these Lisa's Chickens (Farm Life), 2016/2021 by Benedikte Bjerre, with its cute helium balloon chickens that have become a viral hit on social media. Several of these works are part of ARKEN's own collection.

For children and childish souls can also experience POOL – an artistic pool that is, at once, a colourful universe and a sensory bath, a play room like you have never experienced it before.

Located right next to the museum are some of the best sandy beaches of Denmark, so bring your bathing suit - have a small picnic in the sandy hills or buy an organic, handmade ice cream in ARKEN Café, where you are also able to enjoy delicious Nordic food made from vegetables of the season, all the while you enjoy the beautiful view over the bay.

In ARKEN's famous museum shop, you can buy jewelleries, sunglasses and other designer goods that you won't find many other places in Denmark.

You can buy your ticket at the museum or right here.

See you soon for a day you will never forget.

Anish Kapoor,
At the Edge of the World II, 1998. © Anish Kapoor. All rights reserved. Foto: David Stjernholm

Group Therapy ARKEN, udstillingsfoto: David Stjernholm

Foto: Ditte Ingemann

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